When March is scarcely here

Winter is coming…? After two weeks of false spring snow covers Stockholm, met with insouciant shrugs from Stockholmers who are used to far more serious weather.

Falling snow and icicles have surprised unsuspecting Stockholmers in the past. No icicle hazard reports issued this winter which is curious, considering we are so far north. As the ice melts so does Swedish reserve. Noses usually bowed to the sidewalks have turned upward, faces nestle together in conspiracy. A sure sign that winter can’t last.

In the Pacific Northwest snow means WINTER. These months between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day hold court over any expression of turbulence.  Here in Stockholm the sudden shock of cold and white supported by rooftops and branches stole Spring from me and I despaired for a moment. Until I realized this city is achingly beautiful in the snow. It was a landscape that deserved a long stroll and a few photos.

Nicole Waller IMG_9820 IMG_0648 IMG_0651

Stockholm dreamy sm

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